What is alexa rank & How to improve it

How to increase your Alexa rank in writing weather it, " ShoutMeLoud.com " is one of the best 2,500 sites on the planet indicated by Alexa. Remember, there are billions of sites across the web. 

As I said earlier that I will take blogging, search engine optimization, WordPress and address identified with the MSOs. My last post in this system was how went up with an expert blog? Have regard to any of the subject is a chance, you can contact me using the contact page.

Asked one of Robin Sun The question went here

 My blog will be what kind of advice for me to raise Alex positioning? My movement is a great way for the last time, as well as along I lost Alex Rank 4 Black is no longer 8 Lac

It is one of the most widely recognized fantasy individuals about Alexa rank ie = Alexa rank, is the subject of your site activity. The most important thing which detects Alexa rank which means he has to know. Knows how Alexa is receiving much activity your site? 

My perceptions, Alexa rank is refreshed on your site, and more on your activity. If you refresh your site during the day and every movement increases or even reliable will also increase your activity. You can do some things to increase your Alexa positioning immediately and I'm offering you here tips. 

How will be able to increase your blog Alexa ranking?

Alexa Toolbar

Use of Alexa Toolbar with customers detects the movement of the Alexa site of breaking many ways. The Toolbar object of their own and website administrator is very prominent in the industry. It is a tool that you must present immediately, because nobody invest far more energy to check your site. Is it int?

Alexa widget

I'm not sure it helps the website administrator or not, but I'm using most of its sites and I believe that it is very good for some reason and make a difference. Despite the fact that the diversity of this gadget to individuals, would I still use it here.

Alexa audit facility

A few days before Alexa had polled highlights, which you can include in your audited for a specific site. You can also rate any site of your choice. You Sahayta4ucan see the survey and its audit this link 


Since you use your Facebook profile to login can, so you do not need to exchange information. This is a polite way again to increase your Alexa rank and your Alexa profile. In summary 

, here are a few steps that you need to increase your Alexa rank

  • Alexa Toolbar
  • Alexa gadget
  • Publish your post day
  • Activity
  • Alexa Review

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